Top 5 Eye Opening E-commerce Trends in India for 2015


Driven by digital wallets and payment enabling technologies, the line of distinction is getting blurred between Retailer and Etailer. The year 2015 seems to work for getting it further diluted with more and more consumers turning towards web for their shopping needs. The year 2014 was highly fascinating for e-commerce. Big players such as Sanpdeal,  Amazon, Myntra, Reliance and Flipkart have defined the next course of events in the history of e-commerce in India.

  1. Mobile-7 out of 10 people shop on mobile mobile

On the revelations based on the previous year, around one-third of the total shopping orders are placed on the mobile device rather than on a laptop or PC. The total percentage of orders placed on mobile swelled to 23% (2014) from 12% (2012). In 2015 it is expected that mobile will account for 50.3% of the total E commerce traffic. It is clearly evident that smartphones have revolutionized the world of shopping online.

  1. The game Survival of the fittest and the richest  2.

The e-commerce market would be turning into no less than a battle field for the small retailers in India. Most of the e market is captured by Sanpdeal, Flipkart and Amazon. It is been predicted that the market place on the internet is soon going to be consolidated with only one or two big players. Amazon has recently hit the market while Alibaba has decided to jump in the ongoing race. It is estimated that millions would be poured out to by these companies to keep their top positions. Amid all this, it is clearly evident that, the small-scale companies are going to face the music in the times ahead.

  1. Regularization of e-commerce 2015 is sure to experience this

With the Flipkart’s big billion dollar day disaster, and resentment of e consumers, the government has taken a note of regulating the whole thing under strict law. There is also pressure building on government from the consumer association to bring the online consumers under the jurisdiction of consumer law.

  1. E stores for Grocery– hottest e-commerce growth vertical in 2015

According to Prgya Singh (Technopak), “ The growth of online grocery in India is fueled by the increasing shortage of time in the Urban India” and in 2015 we are expecting at least 20 metropolises to be fully covered by e-grocers. The market for providing grocery items online is run by Localbanya and Bigbasket. But they either operate in Mumbai or the adjoining areas. The two biggest hurdles in setting up an online grocery store are the perishable nature of the items to be sold and desire of Indian consumers to physically inspect the product before buying, especially grocery. As these are perishable in nature so they cannot be stored for long as the non perishable items such as clothes. The warehousing of these grocery items is a bit difficult as a result not many companies are into this online business. But with the Indian consumer shedding its obsession for physically feeling the product before buying and the vast market to be captured, the trend appears to be changed in the year 2015.

  1. Wearable Technology– will bring more and more wanderers in the e market   Google_Glass_with_frame

Wearable technology such as Google Glass and iWatch, provides you the convenience of surfing through the offers without the fear of slipping the phone from your hand. The great thing is that you wear it like a head-gear without messing up your hairs at all. wearables will make it millisecond search and make the internet much easier to play with. It will bring more and more consumers to the markets on the internet especially the youth.


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